Truck Axle Repair in Corpus Christi, Texas

Truck Axle Repair Services for Light to Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks

At TLO Services, we offer truck axle repair and maintenance services to heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and light-duty trucks. Whether you’ve got a fleet of diesel pickup trucks, box trucks, or even a fleet of Kenworth semi-trucks, you can count on TLO Services for all your axle needs. Located in Corpus Christi, TLO Services is an industry leader in axle repair services. From routine maintenance services like gear oil changes, bearing replacements, and gasket repair, you can’t go wrong choosing TLO Services for all your axle service needs.

Understanding Axle Housings

Although axle shafts are individual components, axle housings are entire assemblies that house gears, axle shafts, and gear oil, as well as provide support for your suspension links. Although your axle housings are incredibly durable, they need to be maintained on a regular basis and repaired when necessary. The most important service that must be performed at least once every 30 to 60 thousand miles is gear oil changes. Within your axle housing, your differential gearing and axle shafts are constantly moving. This movement creates friction, which must be mitigated. This is where your gear oil comes in. Gear oil is an important lubricant that eradicates friction and keeps the operating temperature of your components low.

The Importance of Routine Inspection

Routinely inspecting your axle housings is of the utmost importance. Routine inspection will ensure you catch any minor issues before they become of critical concern. For example, you may notice a minor gear oil leak coming from your differential plate. This particular issue isn’t a big deal if it’s caught early, but if left unchecked, can have catastrophic results. Low gear oil can cause your entire differential to bind up and fail.

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