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Truck Diagnostic & Electrical Repair in Corpus Christi, Texas

Our electrical diagnostic services are designed to capture and identify even the worst of electrical ghosts. Whether there’s a problem that’s interrupting an entire circuit, or a fault somewhere in your ignition system, you can count on TLO Services to uncover it. Our electrical diagnostic services are tailored to specific manufacturers, meaning the process will be quick and effective. There’s no stopping us here at TLO Services! We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Diagnosing Ignition System Issues

If your having trouble starting your truck but can’t figure out why, give us a call. We’ll have the issue diagnosed before you know it. Our process is as follows: firstly, we’ll inspect your battery. Your ignition system will not activate without a properly charged battery. If your battery is holding a charge, we’ll move on to other components. If not, we’ll move toward your alternator, which for those unaware is what charges your battery using the power from your engine. Other components outside of the battery sphere that may affect your ignition system include faulty glow plugs, damaged wiring harnesses, and worn starter motors. Glow plugs are designed to heat incoming fuel in an effort to aid combustion. If they don’t work, you’ll likely struggle to start your truck in cold weather. As for your starter motor, your starter is designed to turn off your engine in an effort to suck air into its intake.

Electrical Repair at TLO Services

Whether you’ve got a worn alternator that needs to be replaced or wiring harnesses that have been chewed on by mice and other rodents, you can count on TLO Services to have your back. We’ll replace worn components, run new wiring, and identify problems before they become of critical importance. We take the stress of electrical issues off your shoulders! When working with TLO Services, stress will be lifted off your shoulders like never before!

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