Truck Drivetrain Repair in Corpus Christi, Texas

Where It All Begins: Your Transmission!

Your transmission is your drivetrain’s first step. It’s directly connected to your engine and uses a series of gears to match your engine’s power to the task at hand. Your transmission uses different gears to ensure you’re getting an appropriate amount of power regardless of whether you’re cruising on a highway or roaming down uneven backroads.

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission maintenance is actually quite straightforward. There are two core steps you must perform if you want your transmission to last. Number one, get your transmission fluid changed on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend changing your fluid once every 30 to 60 thousand miles. Secondly, routinely inspecting your transmission cooler, filler plug, and drain plug is of crucial importance. Leaking fluid can cause a lot of issues but, fortunately, they can all be avoided if the leak is caught early.

Your Axle Housing

Within your transmission you’ll find hefty differential gears, axle shafts, bearings, and gear oil! These components are designed to transfer power to two wheels. Depending on the type of truck and how it’s outfitted, some have differentials that will lock in order to ensure both wheels get 50% of the available power. This type of differential is only usually found on trucks that drive through rough terrain like logging roads and construction sites.

Axle Housing Maintenance

Similar to your transmission, all you need to do to maintain your axle housing is change its gear oil once every 30 to 60 thousand miles, and routinely inspect it. Inspecting your axle housing will prevent leaks from your differential plate and axle seals from becoming big issues. Also, you’ll be able to identify if bearings or axle shafts have been damaged.

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