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Why Is My Air Flow So Weak?

An HVAC system that has weak airflow is one that’s likely bogged down by a clogged air filter or clogged air duct. Over time, air filters need to be changed as they can only catch so much debris before blocking the duct entirely. If left unchanged, your truck will struggle to pull air through it, and your airflow will weaken. We recommend getting your air filter changed at the same time as your oil change to ensure maximum airflow. Also, if you’ve recently driven through a very dusty or ashy area, we recommend inspecting your filter for debris as often as you can.

Evaporator Core Repair

Your evaporator core is responsible for reducing moisture build-up in your passenger compartment. If you notice that moisture is building up on the inside of your cabin, this core may be malfunctioning. The most common culprit is clogged evaporator coils. These coils can collect dust and other debris with use, which in turn can cause them to clog. At TLO Services LLC, we offer a comprehensive set of evaporator core repair and maintenance services that includes evaporator coil cleaning and entire evaporator core replacements. Call today to learn more.

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