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Don’t Wait on Tire Punctures!

If you notice that your tire has a puncture but is still holding air, don’t keep driving! Although it may seem like your tire has some life left, you’re significantly increasing your chances of unexpected breakdown! All it takes is for the puncture to move or be ripped out for your tire to go flat or blow completely. By bringing your truck in for service to get the puncture removed and the breach patched, you’re saving yourself money on expensive tow or roadside bills, as well as protecting your drivers. After all, a blown tire can cause horrible traffic accidents as they severely impact a truck’s handling.

Slow Leak Repair

Are your tires losing air for seemingly no reason? If so, you may have a slow leak. Slow leaks can come from anywhere and can be really hard to spot without the correct gear. Fortunately, we here at TLO Services are experts at diagnosing and spotting slow leaks. Once we’ve identified the leak, we’ll patch it and send you on your way! Our processes are fast, effective, and last! We only use the highest quality tire patches, meaning they won’t fail when you return to the road. In the case that the slow leak is not fixable, we’ll replace the tire for you.

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