Transmission & Clutch

Truck Transmission & Clutch Repair in Corpus Christi, Texas

Difficulty Shifting

If your transmission is not shifting properly, or struggles to shift altogether, we highly recommend coming in for service. This is generally a sign that your transmission fluid needs to be changed, or is leaking. Transmission fluid is generally red in color, so be sure to check under your truck on a regular basis to ensure it’s not leaking. If the fluid is the issue, simply flushing it out and filling the unit with new fluid should fix the problem.

Sticky Clutch

Is your clutch sticking? If so, you may want to consider coming in for service. A sticky clutch is an indicator that it may fail altogether, which can sideline a truck for quite a while. Without your clutch, your engine and transmission will no longer be able to interact with one another. This means that power will never reach your drivetrain and, as such, you’ll be unable to drive your truck. Sticky clutches can be caused by poor lubrication and improper usage.


If your transmission is overheating, you may have an issue with your transmission cooler. One of the most common problems faced by a transmission cooler is clogged fluid lines. Clogged fluid lines are generally a result of oil fluid breaking down and leaving sludge behind. This restricts flow and causes your transmission to overheat. Another possible cause of overheating is transmission fluid leaks, for if there isn’t enough fluid to absorb heat, an insufficient amount will be dispersed.

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