Engine Repair & Replacement

Truck Engine Repair & Replacement in Corpus Christi, Texas

Common Engine Repairs

Head Gasket Repair

A blown head gasket is what many drivers and fleet managers alike fear. This particular gasket allows your engine to expand at different temperatures. Without it, the block would crack and fail catastrophically! Although this gasket can handle extreme temperatures and is quite resilient, it can only handle so much. Prolonged overheating can cause this gasket to blow, which in turn compromises the structural integrity of your engine. At TLO Services, we offer a comprehensive set of engine repair services. We’ll have your head gasket replace and your engine repaired before you know it!

Fuel Injection Issues

Your fuel injection system can be clogged quite easily. All it takes is not changing your fuel filters at appropriate intervals to clog up fuel injectors. Fuel filters are designed to keep impurities out of your fuel, but they can only stop so much before they’re rendered useless. If you’re having fuel injection system issues, give TLO Services a call. We’ll have your fuel injectors and other system components flushed out and cleaned. We’ll have your engine running better than ever!

Dealer of Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Did you know that we here at TLO Services are a certified dealer of Jasper engines and transmissions? If your engine is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, we’ll replace it with a unit from Jasper’s incredible diesel engine lineup! Same goes for your transmission, but you can read more about that on our transmission page!


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