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Lift Gates Service in Corpus Christi, Texas

A lift gate is a device that streamlines and secures the process of loading and unloading large items. It consists of a hydraulic platform that can be raised and lowered using an electrical switch. This equipment is capable of lifting up to 3,500 lbs for commercial vehicles, including trucks. However, lift gates need regular repair and maintenance due to ordinary wear and tear on their hydraulic components. Delaying or neglecting maintenance can lead to a complete malfunction of the lift gate.

Did You Know?

Lift gates provide more than just convenience for companies without shipping docks or access to forklifts. In addition to this, lift gates increase the safety of employees who are responsible for unloading and unloading cargo.

At TLO Services, we understand that lift gates are crucial for trucks to operate safely and effectively. If you encounter any issues with your lift gate, our team of experienced technicians can help. We are based in Corpus Christi and can quickly repair both minor and major lift gate issues.

Common Symptoms

If you’ve experienced the frustration of being stranded on a busy roadside while waiting for a tow truck to fix a lift gate that won’t open, you’re not alone. Here are some signs to watch for:

Lift Gate Not Locking

The design of some lift gates may not sufficiently protect your cargo due to a damaged latch or a weak locking mechanism. Also, some vehicles require a specific key to unlock the lift gate, while others use a button for locking and unlocking purposes.

Lift Gate Not Opening

When a lift gate refuses to open, it generally means that there’s an issue with an internal mechanism. This can be the result of a broken spring or a defective part within the lift gate architecture. If you experience this problem, we suggest working with a professional rather than attempting to fix it on your own.

Maxon Lift gate Dealer

Maxon builds some of the best lift gates on the market. They’re durable, versatile, and trusted by thousands of drivers across North America. Fortunately for anyone looking, TLO Services is certified dealer of Maxon lift gates. For pricing and inventory, give us a call today!

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