Truck & Trailer Alignment

Truck & Trailer Alignment Service in Corpus Christi, Texas

Paying for fuel and tires can considerably drain one’s budget. When a vehicle is driven over long distances, it can cause the suspension and steering parts to become misaligned. This not only results in extra costs for fuel and tires, but also reduces tire lifespan. While fuel consumption is difficult to control, you can always keep your expenses in check and improve tire longevity by scheduling frequent truck alignments.

When To Seek The Service

Similar to regular cars, heavy-duty trucks have suspensions to enable smooth movement. The ball joints connect the wheel hubs to the steering knuckle, allowing the wheels to move in in different directions based on how the truck is being driven. However, these mechanisms eventually wear out, leading to alignment complications.

Driving a truck for great distances with misaligned suspension can cause wear and tear beyond the point where the truck’s body is level. This can result in damage to the wheels when they hit obstacles such as rocks or potholes.

What if your truck is pulling in a certain direction when you apply the gas pedal and must steer left or right to stay straight on the road? This means it’s time to go for an alignment service.

Our Process

To begin, we inspect your suspension system and determine if the issue lies with your alignment. This involves inspecting the ball joints and ensuring that the tie rods are firmly attached at both ends.

In terms of addressing alignment issues, we usually recommend realigning the wheels. This involves taking precise measurements of all four corners of your truck and making adjustments to ensure proper alignment. Also, it may be necessary to replace the wheel bearing if your truck or trailer has absorbed significant damage as a result of improper wheel alignment. In case the wheels are bent, we will change them to return your vehicle to its original alignment.


  • Secure and improved drivability
  • Efficient fuel economy
  • Lower OpEx
  • Longer tire life cycle
  • Decreased wear and tear of front-end suspension system

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